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We Are Silver Dollar Games

Embracing the unique.

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Silver Dollar Games is dedicated to providing affordable solutions to companies looking to enhance their marketing strategies through video games. Our experienced team is equipped to create custom games tailored to meet specific marketing goals, regardless of budget constraints.


Whether it's interactive advertisements, branded games, promotional games, employee engagement, market research, product demonstrations, customer engagement, or virtual events, we are dedicated to delivering engaging and innovative solutions at an affordable price point, making us the most cost-effective alternative in the market. With over 14 years of experience in the gaming industry, we are committed to helping companies achieve their marketing objectives.

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About Us


We made one of the highest rated Steam games of all time - One Finger Death Punch


Unleash your imagination and creativity with Silver Dollar Games, where innovative ideas and unique game concepts come to life in every project.

Proudly Indie for 14 years

Join us in celebrating the achievement of Silver Dollar Games - one of the few independent studios that have been creating unique and innovative video games for over 14 years.

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