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Celebrating the unconventional.

Innovative games from a team that's not afraid to take risks.

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About Silver Dollar Games

Where passion meets play.

Silver Dollar Games is a well-established video game company with a rich history of producing innovative and highly rated games. With 14 years of experience, they have a diverse portfolio that includes over 70 small indie games for Xbox 360 and a range of educational games for children. One of their most famous creations is the One Finger Death Punch series, which has received widespread recognition for its unique and engaging gameplay. Despite the challenges faced by many independent game developers, Silver Dollar Games remains steadfast in its commitment to creating games with heart and pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry.

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Our Games

Our Games

Silver Dollar Games specializes in creating high-quality 2D indie games that are designed to appeal to small, niche audiences. With a focus on creative and meaningful gameplay, the company leverages its expertise and resourcefulness to bring fun and engaging concepts to life, even with limited budgets. The team prides itself on its ability to bring life to a wide range of ideas and create enjoyable experiences that resonate with players. By using cutting-edge technology and innovative game design, Silver Dollar Games consistently delivers games that offer unique and entertaining experiences.

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Action - Indie Legend

The world's fastest brawler is back. Experience cinematic kung-fu in the most epic stickman fighter ever made.

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Action - Indie Gem

Experience cinematic kung-fu battles in the fastest, most intense brawler the indie world has ever seen!

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Experimental - Free

Embark on a thrilling journey through the vast reaches of space in Space Choice: Data Analyzer! 

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Shooter - Experimental

Get ready for a quick and thrilling arcade experience where precision and strategy are key. Experience the thrill of unleashing the ultimate god spell in Godspell Defender!

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Educational Games

Silver Dollar Games has expanded into the educational space by working with Legends of Learning. They're working on a range of fun and engaging games that teach science and math to children aged 8-13. Approved by teachers and aligned with academic standards, these games cover a variety of topics and are designed to deliver meaningful educational content in less than 15 minutes. With a focus on accessibility and ease of use, these games are optimized for tablets, PCs, and Chromebooks. By combining cutting-edge technology, creative game design, and educational expertise, Silver Dollar Games delivers a unique and effective learning experience for children.  You can find all these games at and below

Experience the fun and educational power of Silver Dollar Games' science and math games for kids - available on Legends of Learning

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